Parsons Pop-Up Shop Items

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1Tote bag:$35

2notebooks: $11each

3cell phone cases: $29 each

1key chain :$9

1mug cup:$15

5postcards: $1 each

10cards: $3 each

2window decals :Large- $15 ,small-$10


Great Review from sylvain durand, Photographer, 프랑스 포토그래퍼 실베인이 저의 개인전 리뷰를 해주었네요 shot 2012-12-09 at 4.25.28 PM

저의 절친한 친구인 프랑스 포토그래퍼 실베인이 저의 개인전 리뷰를 해주었어요


One of my photographer friend, Sylvain gave me a good review of my solo exhibition. I totally appreciate it, Sylvain.


samedi 27 octobre 2012

You Mee Cho at Gallery Oms

As I try to be a polite guy i don’t ask the age of the women I meet, and as i’m too old to be a boy and i’ m too much a dreamer to be a real adult i have so much trouble to estimate age of people I meet who are less than 200 years old and more than 1 second old.

I thought I could make an exception with You Mee Cho but I didn’t want to appear as the French flirt, one, because I love my wife and, two because I adore my spouse (I want to be sure to make myself clear on this point.)
If i try to force myself I could guess than You Mee Cho is less than 30 and more than 3. So, why it is so important to me ? Because it’s always interesting to relate the maturity of an artwork and the age of the artist. In a certain way I see each artist as my own mirror, in them i can see my way, my age, my process and the time that all this stuff takes, because the life is limited and I try to reassure myself on my own path.

As i said Ms. Cho seems to be in the first 30% of her life and already I was able to see a great consistency in her artwork. In this exhibition there were at least 3 different series of her creation, yet you can see how all of them are linked. She seems to have already found where to search to express her creativity ; and i can tell you that she has a lot of creativity.

There’s  a happy one with colors, textures, paint, ink, paper, she sucks you up in a whirlpool of visual feelings. You see a caricature of Saddam Hussein,hearts, maps, a portrait… I fell in love with the tribute for Jean-Michel Basquiat. Saddam and Basquiat both stick out their tongues as Einstein on the famous picture. It’s as if she wanted to demystify the person painted, or maybe to demystify the contemplation of the people who come to see her paints, you finally feel behind these amazing painting a painter who allow herself to be disrespectful as a child.

She seems pile up all the thoughts she has, you know the kind of thoughts you have when you try to stop thinking and then you have 1000 thoughts per second without any  link between them, her painting seems to reflect that, even if in the mind nothing is linked,eveything becomes consistent in the hands of You Mee.

Everything is so balanced in front of your eyes. If looking at an artwork is a conversation with the artist you could feel that you’d spoken with a talented child, a child who has no fears about what she says but who knows how to use the words, finally it’s no words, it’ s colors, lines and textures, actually words in visual art are all the time too much….

The day before

162-05 Crocheron Ave. Flushing NY 11358
Bank Asiana

Curated by Helena Zin Song

Until November 8th

Board Game As Life


No More War
Love 1


Love 2


Love 3


No Matter What They Say
Tribute to Jean-Michel Basquiat

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